1) Break

2) Paragraph

3) BOLD #1

a) BOLD #2

4) Italicized Words

a) Bold Italicized Words


Center of Page, Color and Bold Text


Left of Page, Word Size


Center of Page, Word Size


Right of Page, Word Size


Left of Page, Word Size

Center of Page, Word Size
6) Text Color

a) Link To Codes For Colors

b) Color Test = Green Color

7) Color background over words

a) Yellow background over words

b) Cyan background over words

c) Orange background over words

d) Red background over words

e) Pink background over words

f) Lime background over words

g) etc...

8) Indentation with Dots

  • First
  • Second
  • Third
  • etc...

9) Links

a) Change Window

b) Open New Window, with No HTML Link Description

c) Open New Window, with HTML Link Description

10) Text Size #1 (Only will go sizes shown)

a) Text Size xx-small

b) Text Size

c) Text Size x-small

d) Text Size medium

e) Text Size large

f) Text Size x-large

g) Text Size xx-large

11) Text Size #2 (will go as small or big as I want)

Text Size 20pt

Text Size 30pt

Text Size 40pt

Text Size 50pt

Text Size 60pt

12) embed video

1) http://www.philvolan.com/audio-files/000-42-marquis-innesfree.mp3

2) http://www.philvolan.com/audio-files/000-42-marquis-miss-blues.mp3

*[[Neurofibrillary tangles]], pathological protein aggregates found within neurons in cases of Alzheimer's disease *[[Not For Tourists]], a series of guides to American cities *[[National Film Theatre]], a cinema located in England *[[Norfolk (Island) Time]], a time zone in Australia, see [[Norfolk Island]] *[[Nutrient film technique]], a method of Hydroponics *[[Network Fault Tolerance]], a kind of [[Network Interface Card|NIC]] [[link aggregation]] *[[Non-functional tests]], a software testing method