"NFT" Order Form

Use this page if not buying through the NFT web site.

Click here for an NFT order form.

Or you can use the NFT check out cart in the same way. Choose strings through NFT site, type in cart information, right click and print.

If you don't have a printer, put the information (address, strings, taxes, postage) on a sheet of paper and send to NFT as your order. 

Payment (in U.S. Dollars) may be made by check or money order when not buying through the NFT web site and must accompany all orders. Note that NFT prices per set are discounted substantially below list price. The same discount applies for small as well as large orders. You will be notified if there is a problem regarding your order. Otherwise all orders processed and shipped within 24 hours of receipt. Current price lists will be shipped with each order.

To help ease the sorting of mail, would you please write the following items after "Notes From Tom" on the envelope containing your order; (1) First four letters of brand (2) Number or color of item; Examples; (A) Augu Blue (B) Sava 520J (C) Labe 10PH etc.