This chain of thought is kind of long so bare with me!!!

The schedule at work just came out and I actually have Monday and Tuesday nights off this week.

I like going downtown at least once a month, because I can dress up. I usually wear one of my suits w/o the tie, but with a cashmere sweater and my cashmere long coat. In other words "I like to go GQ"

When I go downtown I usually go for lunch to the Broker Restaurant

I like going to lunch (because I work nights) and it's really good, and much cheaper;

These next thoughts back tracks a few steps.


I restored a classic muscle car;

A few years back I put it into pawn for a business venture for 15% of it's value, which didn't pan out. I almost lost it to the pawn shop, but one of my best friends lent me the money (by taking a loan out on his house) to get it out of pawn. I've paid the principle back to him, and now just owe the interest I told him I would give him.


Someone who I know at work, I told I am always finding great deals on the Internet. For everything or anything!! She told me she wanted a designer purse. I didn't find the brand she wanted, but I did find this;

Which I bought, because it was exactly my style in most things I like...Simple with clean lines, Very stylish, High quality, and at a very reasonable price.

I know nothing about purses, it actually maybe a knock off (I don't thing so). But if it is it doesn't matter, it's still way too nice.

She didn't want it because it was too small (really I just think she didn't want to pay the price for designer). It's not big enough to put a tent and sleeping bag into (like most women like their purses to be), but is smaller. More like an "One Time Outing" size.

I'm not sure what I am going to do with it yet!!! I've been keeping it with the thought that I might want to have a date, and go into Cherry Creek (most likely Elway's) when I get the GTO out of pawn to my friend, and give the purse to my date when I celebrate getting the GTO back.


When I was growing up my mom made a cake for each of us on our birthdays. Which ever one each of us wanted (there were 9 of us). My favorite that I always wanted was a "Red Velvet Cake," which I just happen to have the recipe for.


With your birthday just gone by, would you like to go to lunch to the Broker Monday? It would be a dress up affair.

I'm not sure a $900 designer purse (which you may not even like) would be an appropriate birthday present (it might be a better "Valentines" present, or "Graduation," or even "Christmas"), but there might be something inside that would be a good birthday present!!! But you do have a few flowers that are here for you. And if we made a "Red Velvet Cake" we could have for desert???


Making a cake from scratch, dressing up for a nice lunch, getting a few birthday presents, being in the company of a beautiful women (and maybe a handsome man), and having "Red Velvet Cake" for desert...

Now that sounds like a really great date to me.

Are you interested?