1) XL Pure Nickel Round Wound (EPN)1) XL Pure Nickel Round Wound (EPN)Classic electric guitar string tone dates back to the 1950's when pure nickel was the primary alloy used. As the need for brighter tone and higher magnetic strings grew in the 60's steel was a much better choice and nickelpated steel became the industry standard. D'Addario EXL strings feature nickelplated steel, but D'Addario's new (EPN) Pure Nickel strings offer a warmer, vintage tone alternative which many enthusiasts prefer.
2) XL Nickel Plated Round Wound (EXL)2) XL Nickel Plated Round Wound (EXL)D'Addario pioneered the use of nickelplated steel for electric guitar. Today, discerning professional choose XLs for their distinctive bright sound and excellent intonation.
3) XL ProSteels Round Wound (EPS)3) XL ProSteels Round Wound (EPS)ProSteels are D'Addario's brightest and most magnetic guitar strings. A specialized alloy delivers harmonically rich, brilliant high-end, and increased crunch and sustain. Each wrap is precisely wound onto a hex core using exclusive computer-controlled machines, which monitor wrap speed and tension. The result is strings with precise intonation and unparalleled consistency set after set.
Half round guitar strings are round wound with 430 stainless steel, then precision ground, leaving the outer surface semi-smooth. They retain the flexibility and tonal characteristics of round wound strings but provide a smoother feel.
5) XL Chromes Flatwound (ECG)5) XL Chromes Flatwound (ECG)RECORDING/PERFORMING
Chromes are the world's most popular flatwound strings and revered for their warm tone and ultra-smooth feel. Stainless steel underwindings on hex cores build a foundation for the delicate outer ribbon winding. After the winding is applied each string goes through 3 polishing steps.