The AranJuez Classical Guitar Strings are produced in P.R. by classical guitar builder Juan Orozco III (4/14/1937). He has been a classical guitar builder since the 1970's and is the third generation of guitar builders. While a guitar luthier, he and also produces the AranJuez classical guitar strings as well as guitar cases.

1) AranJuez 300 classical guitar strings;

The AranJuez 300 Classical Guitar Strings are perfectly suited to all kinds of music, marvelously sensitive, combining brilliance and clarity yet retaining unusual power and projection.

2) AranJuez 600 classical guitar strings;

The AranJuez 600 classical guitar strings produce rich, warm, full-bodied guitar sounds many concert guitarists prefer. The 600 is a long-lasting classical guitar string with unsurpassed strength and projection.

3) AranJuez 400 classical guitar strings;

The AranJuez 400 classical guitar strings are especially designed for the guitar of today, emphasizing brilliance and the kind of rich, full-bodied guitar sound that dazzles the listener.

4) AranJuez 700 classical guitar strings;

The AranJuez 700 classical guitar strings sing out with a clear and true tone and a precision that until now could only be imagined. The response is wonderfully fast.